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How Samuel L. Jackson Became Hollywood's Most Bankable Star“ The Hollywood Reporter|120 movies, $13 billion in box office

Little People, Big Woes“ The Hollywood Reporter|low pay, degrading jobs and a tragic death

“‘I Hate Being Hated’” The Hollywood Reporter|Logan Paul would like one more chance

“Jami Gertz Got Game” The Hollywood Reporter|how an actress became an NBA team owner

“Everyone Is an Idiot. Everyone Is an Idealogue.” The Hollywood Reporter|the controversial Norm Macdonald Q&A

"Death in a Hollywood Sex Dungeon" The Hollywood Reporter|how a top agency executive's "mummification" ritual ended in tragedy

"Lines Got Blurred" The Hollywood Reporter|an exclusive sit-down with Jeffrey Tambor

"Heidi Fleiss Reflects on 25th Anniversary of Her Arrest" The Hollywood Reporter|the "Hollywood Madam" rescues macaws in the desert

"Kathy Griffin: Can a Comic in Exile Come Back?" The Hollywood Reporter|a cover profile of an embattled comic

"I've Heard the 'This Is Your Moment' Speech So Many Times" The Hollywood Reporter|a cover profile of Armie Hammer

"Friars Club Under Fire" The Hollywood Reporter|inside an institution divided by financial and sex scandals

"How 'Sharknado' Casts Its C-Listers" The Hollywood Reporter|in which Trump is revealed to have nearly played "the President."


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Seth Abramovitch is a senior writer at The Hollywood Reporter, a position he’s held since 2012. His work at THR covers a wide array of topics and has earned seven Los Angeles Press Club awards. He’s penned cover stories on Armie Hammer, Kathy Griffin, Elizabeth Banks and Ellen Page, chronicled the homelessness epidemic in Los Angeles, interviewed jailed boy-band svengali Lou Pearlman, and immersed himself in experiential pieces on Dungeons & Dragons clubs and the pseudoscience of longevity. He’s previously written for The Atlantic, New York, Gawker and Esquire.


— Seth Abramovitch —

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